Provigil vs. Nuvigil (Modafinil vs. Armodafinil) – Aren’t they the same?

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Provigil vs. Nuvigil (Modafinil vs. Armodafinil) – Aren’t they the same?

Modafinil vs Armodafinil: Which one is best for you?

Modafinil vs Armodafinil.. A difficult choice for many and totally understandable. The two are prescription drugs widely known for their brain-boosting effects. These two chemicals are part of the eugeroic class of drugs, also known as wakefulness-promoting agents. Both are prescribed to those who suffer from narcolepsy, sleep apnea and work-shift disorder.

After being approved by the FDA, some further research was made and the results showed that both drugs can be used to treat many other conditions such as ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), depression, bipolar disorder, Parkinson’s disease and other disorders that cause fatigue. Lately, Modafinil and Armodafinil are labeled as smart-drugs. People all over the world use them for cognitive enhancement, to combat fatigue and increase energy levels.

The main difference between these two drugs is in their molecular structure. Modafinil is made of two enantiomers of the same compound, while Armodafinil consists of only one enantiomer. This particular difference gives Armodafinil an increased potency.


Physical effects: Modafinil vs Armodafinil – TIE!

The main physical effects of Modafinil include stimulation, increased heart-rate, appetite suppression and dehydration. The stimulating effects of Modafinil encourage physical movement and other activities such as sports, exercising at the gym or running. 

Like Modafinil, Armodafinil has the same stimulating properties that encourage physical and social activities. Armodafinil is basically a newer and improved version of Modafinil. Studies have reported that Armodafinil’s effects are slightly more obvious than the ones experienced on Modafinil. Furthermore, Modafinil’s half-life is around 12 hours, whilst the half-life of Armodafinil is 15.


Cognitive effects: Modafinil vs Armodafinil – Score 0-1

Both drugs increase the production of dopamine, norepinephrine and orexin. Also, Modafinil and Armodafinil decrease the production of the GABA hormone which leads to increased histamine production.

Modafinil’s main cognitive effects are wakefulness, an increased desire to perform tasks, focus and memory enhancement, thought acceleration and organized thinking. Users also report that Modafinil has some effects on libido and music appreciation, both these aspects being lifted up after some users have taken the drug.

Armodafinil has the same cognitive effects as Modafinil, but some results have shown that the ability to stay focused and awake are greater in Armodafinil than in Modafinil. Many users have reported that Armodafinil has a greater impact on one’s capacity to feel emotions.


Noticeable enhancements

Armodafinil is a more potent wakefulness-enhancing smart drug than Modafinil, and there are lots of written opinions to back up that fact. The first aspect users have noticed is that Armodafinil has longer-lasting effects compared to Modafinil, and that is because Armodafinil has a longer half-life than Modafinil.

The half-life of a substance is the period of time needed for the substance to leave your body. It is true that Armodafinil use comes with greater focus abilities and memory enhancement, but it also comes with heightened feelings of anxiety.


Uses/productive experience

Both Modafinil and Armodafinil yield satisfying results for users who want to perform at work or during exams. It is also a fact that both substances are effective in treating various disorders that include fatigue symptoms.

After lots of medical research, Modafinil was the first drug to be given the title of a true nootropic agent (says Professor Guy Goodwin, President of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP) ).

Many users report that both Modafinil and Armodafinil are great for great for avoiding boredom during monotonous tasks, finishing projects, problem-solving, coming up with new ideas and boosting creativity.

Both drugs enhance music appreciation, which makes them great for artists to compose AND finish songs. Sound engineers can also find the two useful because of becoming more aware of how a song should be mastered. 


Side effects

Even though Modafinil and Armodafinil are considered overall safe smart drugs, these two substances have side-effects such as fast heart rate, anxiety, appetite suppression, dehydration, insomnia, nervousness and agitation.

Other users have reported drastic changes in their social comfort zone, some of them feeling angry and nervous when it came to talking to people. Another serious issue of Modafinil is the appetite suppression that can cause low blood sugar levels and unhealthy weight loss. It was proven that Modafinil has no lethal dose. Overdosing usually leads to nausea, dizziness and confusion. There are no registered deaths based on Modafinil overdosing.

Armodafinil has mostly the same side-effects as Modafinil. Due to having a longer half-life, one might have more trouble falling asleep at night.



Green tea and black tea are popular to take together with Modafinil and Armodafinil, due to them containing both caffeine and l-theanine. Some users also use drugs from the ”racetam” group such as piracetam, levetiracetam and oxiracetam to gain an increase in focus, stimulation and thought-organization by consuming Modafinil or Armodafinil.



Armodafinil is a more potent nootropic than modafinil, so it requires smaller doses for it to work. The usual dose of Modafinil is 200 mg/day. Some like to split the typical Modalert pill into two halves while others prefer taking the whole pill all at once for an intense feeling of wakefulness, stimulation and focus. The regular dose of Armodafinil is 150 mg once a day for the exact same results as for Modafinil.


Modafinil vs. Armodafinil – Which one to choose?

Choosing between Modafinil and Armodafinil is a subjective matter. An individual should make the decision based on their personal experience with both substances.  

Modafinil shows a higher popularity among users because of its creativity boosting effect, which some say that it is absent in Armodafinil. Another characteristic that makes a difference and generates more consumption of Modafinil is the half-life of it, being shorter than the one of Armodafinil. The effects of Modafinil last for about 8 to 10 hours, whereas Armodafinil gives a total of 12 to 14 hours of stimulation.


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