Nootropics and weed – Should you be smokin’ while boostin’?

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June 21, 2018
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Nootropics and weed – Should you be smokin’ while boostin’?

nootropics and marijuana

Nootropics and weed – Should you be smokin’ while boostin’?

Nootropics and weed!? That might sound hilarious to some, yet weed itself can be considered a nootropic if used in very small doses, just enough so that you slightly feel the effects without experiencing the classic “high” feeling.

Microdosing weed can actually be healthy and lead to better sleep, increased appetite and a calmer, more focused mental state. The key is to consume the minimum possible to feel the least.

People seem to regard a 5-10 mg as the ideal range to feel the maximum benefits without actually “getting high”. Any more than that and the whole experience will be counterproductive. Weed is known to induce laziness, and I don’t think that’s why you’re reading this article for.

Also, if you’re going to combine nootropics with weed, you should go for Sativa strains, simply because of the mentally-energized buzz that most Sativa strains generate.

Some users (myself included) prefer hybrids. Personally, I feel that Sativa can be too energizing at times, making it a bad nighttime choice.

Although there aren’t really any scientific studies in this aspect, personal experiences, as well as user reports from popular forums like Reddit or Longecity, clearly indicate that cannabis can actually be beneficial when taken with other nootropics such. Modafinil and weed, Phenibut and weed, Piracetam and weed, caffeine and weed, Noopept and weed, l-theanine and weed and even LSD combined with weed are all choices that are definitely worth looking into.


Modafinil and Weed

Modafinil itself produces an alert and focused mental state which can be compared to a strong cup of coffee with an added motivated and speeded up kind-of effect. Dosing is of the utmost importance when it comes to modafinil and weed. You should make sure that you don’t exceed 200 mg of Modafinil, and that your weed doses are kept at a “micro” level.

There are conflicting reports regarding this combination. Some report feeling anxious, while others like myself enjoy the calming and focus-enhancing effects that microdosing¬†weed gives you. Modafinil and marijuana also make for a good night’s sleep, although you would need to smoke a bit more than a microdose for the cannabis to counteract the wakefulness-enhancing effect of Modafinil.

You can buy quality Modafinil and Armodafinil from Afinil Express (review here).


Caffeine and Weed

Drinking caffeine can go two ways. If you’re a regular coffee drinker, then caffeine won’t be much of a surprise to you. A large dose of coffee will most certainly lead to anxiety, and a large dose of weed may or may not cause anxiety. It really depends on your own subjective experience with weed. A moderate dose of caffeine and a microdose of weed is best if you want to experience the combined nootropic effects of caffeine and weed.


Phenibut and Weed

Phenibut increases the amount of dopamine produced and cannabis will release the extra dopamine, which is why Phenibut and weed act synergistically to produce increased euphoria. Phenibut also produces anxiolytic effects by increasing GABA production. Weed blocks some GABA receptors, which is why many people experience anxiety when smoking marijuana. Low doses of each are great for creativity, focus and relaxation. This combination can really boost your productivity, especially if you’re experiencing anxiety-related brain-fog and productivity issues.


Piracetam and Weed

Piracetam boosts focus and increases memory retention and recall. It also produces subtle stimulation in a similar way to a low dose of caffeine. When using Piracetam and weed, you get rid of one of the main drawbacks of cannabis, namely the memory impairment. Even though an extremely low dose of cannabis won’t hinder memory that much, combining weed and Piracetam will make the experience more stimulating and will put you in work-mode as well.


Noopept and Weed

Noopept is quite similar to Piracetam in its effects, thus much of the above regarding memory retention and recall applies here as well. Noopept is also considerably more stimulating than Piracetam. Also, Noopept can make one feel irritable, especially if taken in high doses, and that’s one more reason why Noopept and weed go so well with each other. Weed relaxes you and microdosing weed is great for taking the edge off. Noopept has been gaining quite a lot of popularity in recent years. Check out my Noopept review here.


L-theanine and Weed

L-theanine and weed work together to create a more relaxed, Zen-like experience. L-theanine is a naturally-occurring amino-acid which stimulates the production of the GABA, the main inhibitory neurotransmitter produced by the brain. As stated above, weed will block certain GABA receptors, and L-theanine, in a way, takes the edge off. Also, L-theanine enhances alpha brain waves, which are associated with the state of mind experienced when meditating, or when being creative during a flow state. L-theanine and cannabis are widely used both together to create a synergistic and more pleasurable experience, and separately to treat marijuana addiction. Someone who regularly smokes large quantities of marijuana will definitely benefit from the soothing and focus-enhancing effects of L-theanine.


LSD and Weed

LSD is definitely seeing a comeback in recent years. Back in the 60’s and 70’s, hippies were using it for recreational and spiritual purposes. Nowadays, Silicon Valley tech professionals are using it to enhance productivity and creativity, although it’s definitely popular among hipsters as a recreational, self-exploration tool. LSD and weed go well together if you know how to dose them properly. When using LSD and weed for productivity and creativity, a “less is more” approach is always best.


Conclusion – Which nootropic to combine with weed?

Weed and nootropics may go well together for a number of reasons. It may help creatives open their minds and come up with new ideas or different problem-solving approaches. It may enhance the creative factor and balance out things, especially when thinking about stimulating nootropics such as Noopept or LSD microdoses.

Weed can actually act synergistically and boost certain anxiolytic nootropics, as is the case with Phenibut. Personally, I find this combination to be quite relaxing and the quality of sleep it provides is simply amazing.

Weed also enhances the Modafinil experience. Although it doesn’t synergize with Modafinil, it does provide a more creative headspace and certainly makes falling asleep easier.

As I said in many other articles, nootropics and psychoactive substances are entirely subjective and depend on brain chemistry.

Being informed is a good starting point, but you shouldn’t assume that whatever works for somebody else will also work for you.

Experimentation is key, although you should always consult a physician before trying anything new. That’s the golden rule that will safeguard your health.


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