An Honest Modalert Review & How to Hack Your Modafinil Experience

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An Honest Modalert Review & How to Hack Your Modafinil Experience

modalert review

Modalert review: The best brand of Modafinil?


I used to procrastinate a lot and leave things unfinished. I enjoy writing, reading and making music. The past few years have been fruitful for my personal development and my long-term goals.


Modafinil (or Modalert 200mg, in its generic form) is one of the most popular smart drugs on the market. It produces the most obvious effects and it’s regarded as “the king of all nootropics”.


The internet is full of articles that only review Modalert in a scientific way. Vague descriptions of its effects and little psychological insight. That’s why I’ve decided to provide a Modalert review of my own.


My Modafinil experience spans around 4 years and 2 months by January 2019. I am using it up to this date and I can happily say that it opened a lot of doors in my personal and professional life. If you live in the US and want to know the ins and outs of buying Modafinil online, take a quick look at the linked guide.



Understanding Modalert


Modalert is still relatively new in the world of cognitive enhancement. Hence, there is quite a lot of confusion surrounding the smart drug.


Before I detail my experience on Modalert, I’ll go a bit into the technical, legal and practical side. I suggest you read as much as possible before you buy Modalert.



What is Modalert?


Modalert 200 mg is the most popular FDA-approved generic version of Modafinil. It’s produced by Sun Pharmaceuticals, the biggest Modafinil manufacturer in India.


Sun Pharmaceuticals manufactures Modalert in the form of 100 mg, 200 mg and 400 mg tablets. Still, you’ll only find it distributed by online pharmacies in its 200 mg form.


The typical moderate dose of Modalert ranges between 100 mg and 200 mg. A 200 mg Modalert tablet has a crease in the middle, which allows you to easily split it in half.



Who can benefit from Modalert?


Anyone who’s currently taking Provigil can benefit from Modalert. Price is significantly lower and it’s a lot easier for healthy people to acquire Modalert. Quality isn’t sacrificed when making the switch.


Modalert can be a dirt cheap alternative to Provigil, the most popular prescription brand of Modafinil. Doctors commonly prescribe it for sleep-related disorders such as narcolepsy or obstructive sleep apnea.


Modalert’s popularity has little to do with the high cost of Provigil, though. Off-label use of Modalert has skyrocketed in recent years. There are several reasons for this…


One study has shown that Modalert can help manage and treat depression. Anecdotal reports suggest that it may also benefit those suffering from ADHD or ADD.



Off-label use of Modalert


Still, most people who take Modalert are healthy, myself included. As Vice, The Guardian, Independent and many other media outlets have noted, Modafinil is mainly used for its cognitive-enhancing and wakefulness-promoting effects.


What kind of healthy people use Modalert? Students, professionals, entrepreneurs, late-night drivers, pro gamers… the list can go on.


Student on Modalert 200mg

Student on Modalert



How much does Modalert cost?


The price of Modalert varies according to several factors:

  • The vendor. Some online pharmacies are cheaper than others.
  • Quantity ordered. The more tablets you buy, the less you pay.
  • Method of payment. Most reliable vendors offer discounts when purchasing with Bitcoin.


To give you an example, an established vendor typically sells 20 pills for $56. This makes it $2.8/pill.

The price can go as low as $0.98/pill when ordering 300 pills.


A newer vendor such as sells 30 pills for $65. This makes it $2.17/pill.

The price can go as low as $0.97/pill when ordering 300 pills.



Modalert cognitive effects


The active substance in Modalert was designed as a treatment for sleep disorders.


Modafinil is a wakefulness-promoting agent (a eugeroic). It generates several potent cognitive and physical effects. Hence, off-label use has increased in recent years. That’s because of the great benefits it offers to people like me who want more out of life:



Mild feelings of unforced stimulation and an urge to be active. These are some of the first feelings that you experience after taking Modalert.

This effect is much less obvious than what you feel while on amphetamines. It’s a bit more than what you experience after drinking a cup of strong coffee.


Clear focus

One thing I love about Modafinil is how it gives you that “tunnel-vision”. Namely, a focused and productive state in which you only “see” the task in front of you.

It’s a great feeling which makes work seem less boring and time pass without noticing.



This comes partly from the motivation boost that Modafinil is so famous for. The future looks brighter and your confidence in your own abilities increase. Tasks seem easier to do due to heightened awareness.

I can also say that it’s hard to be grumpy on Modafinil. I, for one, think that being grumpy is counterproductive in anything you do.


The need to get things done

Modalert makes you love work, regardless if you’re doing it for someone or yourself.

I used to half-write articles or half-finish songs. Modalert helped me correct that character flaw.

Make sure you remember to go to the bathroom because you might find yourself glued to the chair for hours.


Not really high

Modalert doesn’t make you high, though it’s certainly much more than a caffeine buzz.

Still, it does provide a certain mood boost.


Modalert Review: 20something's Experience

Modalert 200 from Sun Pharma



How does Modafinil work?


Modafinil’s complex mechanism of action accounts for its efficacy and gentle side effects. [1] Several key neurotransmitters are affected, though neither is forced to a great extent. [2] Dopamine, norepinephrine, orexin, histamine and glutamate levels are increased. GABA, the main inhibitory neurotransmitter, is decreased. [3]


Modafinil blockades the reuptake of dopamine and norepinephrine receptors. This explains its wakefulness-enhancing properties. [4][5] The neurotransmitter orexin plays a primary role in arousal and making one feel alert. [6] Orexin is believed to also influence histamine release, as one study suggests. [7]


The decrease in GABA levels decreases the effects of tiredness. This tells the body that it’s not yet time to go to sleep. [7] Also, lowered GABA levels may also cause lower inhibition of histamine. This causes a further increase in wakefulness and alertness. [8]


The full extent of Modafinil’s mechanism of action is still somewhat of a mystery. One thing is certain, though.. Modafinil is effective and safe, especially when compared to Adderall or Ritalin.



How to take Modafinil/Modalert


Prepare your tasks beforehand – Modafinil has a weird tendency to make you “glued” to the activity at hand. Set some goals and make sure you’re actually working when the Modafinil kicks in.

Otherwise, you might find yourself endlessly browsing Facebook or mindlessly reading the news.


Find the right dosage – Not everyone experiences Modafinil the same. Personally, I think that the Modafinil experience is highly subjective and variable.

Some people do well with lower dosages, while others find it ineffective. Nevertheless, you should consult your doctor and not abuse Modafinil.


Avoid distractions – Make it a mission to avoid straying away from the goals that you’ve set for the day.


Drink a lot of water – Modalert will dehydrate you and this is something that many people overlook. Remember to constantly drink water or you’ll start getting headaches.



Modalert side-effects


Disturbed sleep – You should take it at least 15 hours before going to sleep, especially if you’re dosing 200mg. Here’s a guide on how long Modafinil lasts and how to use duration to your advantage.

Modafinil has a long half-life and will stay in your body for more than a day. Naps during the day will become impossible and you might find it more difficult to go to sleep.

I counter this by taking Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng) and Bacopa Monnieri before sleeping. The two supplements go well together and produce a relaxing effect that aids sleep.


Agitation – This side-effect usually occurs when taking too much Modafinil. It may also occur when combining it with other stimulants like coffee or amphetamine.

Modafinil is a known potentiator of stimulants. One coffee will feel like three, so don’t overdo it, especially if you’re on an empty stomach. I like to drink coffee after taking Modalert because it makes the buzz much more focused and clear. Still, I drink one cup in small sips over the course of two hours.


Decreased appetite – Modafinil will cut your appetite in less than half. That’s why it’s best taken after you’ve eaten well. The “gluing factor” and its effect on appetite can make you forget eating until the effects have worn off.

Don’t make the mistake of not eating, as it is both unhealthy and unproductive. You might experience anxiety because your body will still be hungry.

Try to avoid eating heavy foods, and instead go for fruits, vegetables or cereal.





Many people choose to combine Modalert with other supplements to enhance the experience. It also helps to take the edge off with a relaxing tea or a good meal in the evening.


This article will help you choose the best combos, according to the desired effect.



Modalert doses


I try to stay low on my dosing and take 100mg at a time, 3-4 times a week, with breaks between weeks. That’s enough for me, though I only have 67 kg. Other people might need more to get the desired effects. Also, I often supplement Modafinil with Piracetam, coffee or other herbal supplements.


Tip: Many people, including myself, prefer taking Modafinil sublingually. First of all, the absorption rate is much higher when you keep it under your tongue.


Furthermore, sublingual absorption is much faster and the effects wear off sooner. This makes going to sleep at night easier and you can feel safe to dose during the afternoon.



Modalert review: Is it safe to use?


Modalert is generally considered safe. You can minimize its side-effects with the right practices. Furthermore, current studies haven’t identified any serious health risks. Make sure you get enough sleep and nutrients and don’t take it too often.


Modafinil was discovered in the 80’s and marketed since 1994 for treating narcolepsy. Thus, scientists have been studying the therapeutic use of Modafinil for 25 years now.


In the US and most parts of the world, Modafinil is legal and prescribed by doctors for narcolepsy, depression or work shift disorder. You can also order Modafinil online from trusted vendors.


In the US and most parts of the world, Modafinil is legal and prescribed by doctors for narcolepsy, depression or work shift disorder. You can also order Modafinil online from trusted vendors.


You can also use Adrafinil, a prodrug to Modafinil.



Where can you buy Modalert from?



Afinil Express is an established online vendor that sells Modalert, Waklert, Modvigil and Artvigil.

Afinil Express offers free shipping, cheap prices and discounts of up to 65% for bulk orders and an extra 20% discount for purchases in Bitcoin. has recently emerged as the most communicative in terms of customer service.

DrModafinil features competitive pricing, guaranteed reshipments and refunds in case of unsuccessful orders. Also, the vendor ships from three different places around the world.






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  1. Maria R says:

    I’ve heard a lot about smart drugs in general and Modafinil in particular. I’ve never tried it myself but I have friends who occasionally take it when they have a lot of work to do during finals or when they have a project approaching its deadline. I have to say that I’ve also been tempted to try it out and experience the clear focus and “tunnel-vision” that is mentioned in this review.

  2. Brian says:

    One of my best friend used Modafinil after his breakup and I witnessed the benefits. He was so depressed all the times that I had to take him to a doctor. We got results very quickly and he was able to cope with the situation.

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