ModafinilMart Review: Website; Products; Payment; Shipping & Delivery

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ModafinilMart Review: Website; Products; Payment; Shipping & Delivery

ModUp review Modafinilmart

ModafinilMart Review: Website; Products; Payment; Shipping & Delivery

Experienced people in the online pharmacy biz have started a quality Modafinil online shop in October 2018 as! It seems like the people running it have had enough of their R&R time and have decided to open a new and reliable online Modafinil pharmacy.

Past experience has definitely contributed to the new concept:



Their overall design is interesting and quite up-front. The products are immediately visible and orders can be placed without too much effort.

It’s interesting that the background is yellow. It’s likely that they decided that they wanted more impact when the user first enters their site. The color that they chose (dark yellow) can effectively grab attention without being visually uncomfortable.


Customer service

The second thing that I’ve noticed the first time I’ve entered is the “Chat” window in the right lower corner of the page. Working hours can also be observed when browsing down the homepage. Still, responding twelve hours a day, five days/week is quite impressive, seeing that most top online providers either don’t feature a messenger-like plugin on their website, or they are simply absent and never around to actually chat live with their customers.



ModafinilMart decided that having one product for sale is not the way to go.. so they added four more to their product offering:






I’ve personally tested every brand sold by ModafinilMart, except Modaheal.

Some people discussing Modaheal on Reddit regard it highly and claim that its effect is more pleasant and more potent than other Modafinil brands.


Payment & shipping

Customers have several payment options, which is an improvement from the initial site. Orders can be paid by credit card (using the Amazon Card System) and via Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

ModafinilMart has adapted to present customer requirements and adopted a Free Shipping policy. Furthermore, the company states that if the order didn’t arrive for any reason, the order will be reshipped or refunded. That’s a comforting statement compared to other “free shipping policies” that apply in certain conditions, thus making the statement highly interpretable. Still, ModafinilMart requires one condition for orders placed in certain countries.. Countries in the DNS list must use Skypax or any mail forwarding company. This is because ModafinilMart is shipping orders from Asia, and most Western border controls pay particular attention to orders coming from that part of the world. (Note: Seeing as most Modafinil tablets are produced in India and the country also has pharmacy-friendly laws, it makes sense that online Modafinil pharmacies would operate from there.)


Discounts and freebies

ModafinilMart offers a whopping 20% discount when purchasing via Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. You get an extra 10 pills if you enter a coupon code. The great thing about this is that it applies regardless if you’re a new or returning customer.

The voucher code for new users is LUCY. The one for returning customers is UNSTOPPABLE.


Should you order from ModafinilMart?

Ordering Modafinil online can indeed be risky and  ModafinilMart is set to become a quality Modafinil provider. They have remedied the lack of product diversity, paid shipping and country restrictions.

With the improvements that they have implemented in their strategy, ModafinilMart is set to become the next big thing in the Modafinil online space.

Check out their offers and get 10 FREE pills using the discount code “LUCY” here


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