ModUp Review and Alternative Modafinil Vendors for 2020

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September 25, 2018
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ModUp Review and Alternative Modafinil Vendors for 2020

Background: Modup Review

The nootropics industry is booming as of late, and a large number of online pharmacies are currently active, though few of them can actually be trusted.

ModUp, an online pharmacy that started its operations in 2012, had a long journey of selling Modafinil online all over the world.

In mid-2018, ModUp announced that operations will be halted and will close down after the last order up until that date would be delivered.

That came both as a surprise and a disappointment. Following the shutdown of Modafinil Cat, the top online Modafinil provider up until September 2016, ModUp took the top spot for a while in the online Modafinil biz, after being surpassed by current champs, Afinil Express.

ModUp stood out from other online Modafinil pharmacies because they would only sell Modalert, the most widely used Modafinil brand sold online.

ModUp didn’t start out as a trustworthy provider. Years of experience have lead the online pharmacy to achieve a high level of popularity and reliability.

You’ll want to check out They are a newer vendor with experienced people who have also collaborated in the past with ModUp.


Why did people regard Modup as the best Modafinil vendor?

ModUp was many people’s first choice when it came to ordering Modafinil. This lead to lots of confusion among the Modafinil community.

ModUp were professionals when it came to providing quality customer service, a chance for users to interact with each other via their online forum and generous discounts.


Awesome client service

ModUp provided reliable customer service and guaranteed reshipment or refund. That’s quite impressive, considering that ordering Modafinil online lies in a gray area.

You won’t face charges from the government because anyone can place an order on your name and address, but you will get a letter from government officials letting you know about the confiscation.

ModUp offered a no-cost reshipment in case orders were seized by border officials. Still, this policy is bound to produce many disappointments in countries that have highly strict border controls.

Refusal to ship in some countries could be the consequence of past complaints received from customers. Upon investigation, ModafinilStar has also been reported by people who live in certain countries in Europe or Asia that their Modafinil didn’t arrive and the vendors won’t reply.

ModUp may have wanted to avoid scenarios like these.


Active online community

ModUp also featured a forum where users could go and talk about their experience with the website and Modafinil in general. It was quite active, which added to ModUp’s popularity. Furthermore, ModUp received lots of positive reviews on popular forums such as Longecity or Reddit.

ModaPharma and ModafinilStar, two long-standing online Modafinil providers, have acquired a certain shady reputation over the years. Paid reviews on their own websites are their way of reducing the percentage of negative reviews that they receive on forums.


Discounts for purchases made using Bitcoin

ModUp used to have the best discount rate for payments in Bitcoin: 33%! That’s certainly a competitive rate that further added to their popularity. Companies all over the world are choosing payment via Bitcoin for their discretion and significantly lower processing fees.


The negative aspects of ModUp (Scam or not?)

Whatever a company does, there are bound to be at least some people who are dissatisfied. However, this dissatisfaction may have grown among users due to competitors’ better approach regarding their marketing. Here are the main features that ModUp customers complained about:


Shipping costs

Charging money for shipping is highly unpopular among Modafinil vendors and certainly a disqualifying feature to have.

ModUp would charge 22.67$ for delivery within 7 days, and 12.57$ for delivery within 21 days. This feature alone was enough to deter users from buying, as most reputable online Modafinil vendors offer free shipping.


Some countries were blacklisted

There are several reasons why ModUp chose to include a relatively long list of countries where the company wouldn’t ship to.

Some countries are very strict and thorough with border controls, and a high likelihood of the parcel getting seized is certainly not good business.

Nor is lying about the money-back guarantee.

Thus, rather than making empty promises just to generate more sales, ModUp was way better off simply avoiding to ship in countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE and some countries from Europe. only featured one product

Nootropics are subjective regarding user experience, mostly due to differing brain chemistry. Modafinil is no different, and people even report feeling differences even from brand to brand.

Modalert, Waklert, Modvigil and Artvigil are the four most marketed brands of Modafinil in the online space. People prefer one over the other, and this can seriously limit your target audience as an online pharmacy.


Modafinil Off-label Use: Why People Order Modafinil Online

Off-label use of Modafinil has been ever-growing since the 2011 movie “Limitless”. The protagonist of the movie would gain super-human intelligence by ingesting a pill called “NZT-48”.

The nootropics community has been increasing heavily in past years, and many people regard Modafinil as “the closest thing to the real Limitless pill“. And indeed, no other nootropic is as highly effective and safe at the same time.

This may also be the reason why governments aren’t “hunting down” online pharmacies that sell Modafinil. Modafinil is a schedule IV prescription drug in America.

Still, the bulk of users from the US and the rest of the world take Modafinil without suffering from any disorder that is regarded by the FDA as a good fit for treatment with Modafinil.

That doesn’t mean that its use isn’t beneficial for other purposes that the Government would agree with:

Modafinil improves work productivity, which “is good for business”, as a true American would put it. The government has higher priorities, such as tracking down coke dealers. Ultimately, more work is good for the economy, which is why so many people (including former president Obama, at some point) are using Modafinil to perform better in work and school.

Modafinil can substitute Adderall. Countries like the US prescribe attention-deficit medication such as Adderall or Ritalin quite easily, even when children are the ones taking it. Adderall has been shown to have serious side effects after long-term use and its addictive potential is also high.

Adderall addiction is a growing problem in the US. Modafinil is slightly less potent, but much more effective in helping people concentrate on tasks, study for extended periods of time and cancel out the cognitive decline produced by fatigue.

Modafinil’s side effects are mild and include headaches (if not properly hydrated during the experience), trouble falling asleep at night (especially when taken in the afternoon or evening), anxiety, diarrhea and irritability.

Thus, you can expect Modafinil to be one of those gray area things that is bound to stick around for a long time.



ModUp Alternatives: Afinil Express / BuyXArmodafinil


Afinil Express is one of the most reputable online Modafinil vendors and a past competitor for the top position in the online Modafinil industry. They offer reliable customer support and quick shipping all over the world. is one of the newer industry vendors that’s run by an American team of experienced online retailers. Their competitive pricing, whopping Bitcoin discounts and possibility to pay by credit card make it a worthwhile choice.



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