Maeng Da Kratom Review: The Stimulating Pain Relief Strain

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June 18, 2018
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Maeng Da Kratom Review: The Stimulating Pain Relief Strain

What is Maeng Da Kratom?

Maeng da kratom was “born” on a plantation from Indonesia following the ban of Kratom in Thailand. Maeng da literally translates to “Pimp” and it’s only been called so since less than 20 years ago.

It’s not called “Pimp grade” kratom for nothing. The alkaloids and flavonoids present in this strain are more active than almost any other strain.

Maeng da is quite controversial among many “conspiracy theorists” that claim that this strain was genetically modified. No such thing actually happened, though the root of this rumor is true.

Cross-breeding strains is quite common among cultivators of a variety of herbs and it surely doesn’t involve Breaking Bad labs where they tamper with chemicals and do pharma-like stuff. This thread actually explains the whole process in detail.

Maeng da kratom is great for business. It’s been bred over the years to have the right profile of alkaloids for maximum stimulation and overall potency.

Also, it’s more resistant to weather and produces a larger yield than most strains.


Is Maeng Da Kratom legal?

Maeng da kratom is legal in most parts of the US and the world. You should check the legal status in your country before ordering.

Most online vendors won’t let you do so anyway if it is indeed illegal in your country.


The Maeng Da Kratom Experience: Coffee or Chai?

Lots of people in Southeast Asia have replaced their morning coffee with Maeng da kratom.

I’ll tell you this.. drinking kratom tea beats chewing the leaves and makes for a delightful beverage.

It’s also a more pleasant thing to do in the morning before going to work.

Many have remarked its euphoric effects also, making it a great choice for recreational use (if it’s legal in your country, of course).

Maeng da kratom can be quite therapeutic too. It can help with bad mood or depressive stages in your life.

Maeng da Kratom can also be used as a study aid. It boosts memory retention and recall and keeps you mentally alert without the jitteriness of caffeine.



Maeng Da Kratom Effects: Stimulating and Pain-relieving

The effects of Maeng da kratom are rather unique when compared to other strains which can either produce stimulating/alert effects or sedating/pain-relieving effects.

Maeng da’s unique alkaloid profile provides both stimulation and some mild pain relief.

Maeng da kratom makes you feel energetic and ready for difficult mental or physical tasks.

That’s the best thing about Maeng da and the reason for its popularity.

Also, you won’t feel the side effects of other stimulating Kratom strains. Maeng da’s side effects are mild and users have reported sweating or physical discomfort from using other strains.

Hence, Kratom is considered a “clean stimulating strain.” It’s actually replaced many Southeast Asians’ morning cup of coffee. Ironically, Kratom and coffee are actually from the same family (Rubiaceae).

Maeng da kratom is perfect for hard labor, though it’s quite effective in raising productivity among people who do mental work also. Maeng da kratom raises energy levels, improves alertness and focus, and also features mood-lifting effects.

The main downside about this strain is that tolerance builds rapidly if you’re only using one strain regularly.

The best thing you can do to prevent tolerance is to avoid taking the same strain multiple times in a row. You can cycle with some other White Vein strains.


Maeng Da Kratom Side Effects

Side effects following Mang da use occur at high doses and can include headaches, shaking, dehydration, dizziness and nausea.

You shouldn’t worry if you experience any of these side effects, as they usually pass within two hours.

The key is to stay calm, drink water and know that the unpleasant side effects of Maeng da will pass soon enough.


What is Maeng Da Kratom used for?

Kratom is popular among opiate addicts who are suffering from opiate withdrawal. Being a stimulating strain, it offers the withdrawal relief while not impeding concentration and motivation to live a happy opiate-free life.

Of course, Maeng da is also popular among the nootropic community, being quite popular due to its effectiveness as a stimulant and concentration booster.

It’s used by workers to better handle work-related stress, by professionals who need to stay clear-headed to accomplish mental tasks and by students


Maeng Da Kratom for Pain

If it’s pain relief that you’re after, Maeng da isn’t quite your best choice, though it’s still up there.

The great thing about taking Maeng da kratom for pain relief is the sedation that is absent from the mix.

If you’re suffering from mild chronic pain and would still like to be on top mental or physical performance, Maeng da kratom is the best choice you can make.


Maeng Da Kratom Dosage: How much should you take?

When it comes to finding the right Maeng da kratom dosage, there isn’t any “one-size-fits-all” approach, though you can follow some rough estimates to avoid unpleasant experiences.

Kratom is stimulating in low doses regardless of which strain you’re using. Even a low dose is enough to put you in an energized state. Beginners should start somewhere between 1.5g and 2.5g, depending on weight and willingness to face an unknown mental state. It’s best to work your way up and find your own ideal dose.

A moderate dose will amplify the effects and will make the Kratom feel more euphoric than energetic.

Once you’ve found your “sweet spot”, try to stick with it and avoid building up to more than 10 grams/day. You may experience side effects such as sweating, vomiting or anxiety if you get your Maeng da dosage wrong.


Maeng Da Kratom Dosage for Pain

White Maeng da kratom is considered to be the second best pain-relieving strain, coming after Red Bali kratom.

These strains are rich in mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine, which is why they produce analgesic effects.

A moderate dose of around 4 grams will be enough to numb the pain created by chronic illnesses such as osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and many more.


Maeng Da Kratom High: What’s it like?

Kratom produces opiate-like effects in moderate to high doses, which is what people generally refer to as a “high.”

The Maeng da kratom high is quite different from opiates, though. It will produce opiate-like effects when using high doses of Maeng da kratom, but the side effects that occur don’t make it worth it.

To get a pleasurable Maeng da high, it’s best to use moderate doses of Red Maeng da kratom.

You’ll feel your confidence, energy levels and mood increase.

The euphoria produced by Maeng da kratom is one of the best of all strains and usually lasts around 3 to 5 hours, followed by a period of stimulated afterglow.



Best Maeng Da Kratom Strains


White Vein Maeng Da (White Maeng Da Kratom)

White Vein Maeng da is very stimulating and mood-lifting. It’s the most popular choice among those who want an energy boost early in the day.

It will also help you sleep better as long as you avoid taking it late in the afternoon.


Red Vein Maeng Da (Red Maeng Da Kratom)

Red Vein Maeng da is more euphoric and slightly less stimulating than the others. Some actually prefer it for this reason.

Red Vein Maeng da is the most effective pain-relieving choice among Maeng da strains. Just to show how hard it is to pick the best one due to different preferences and brain chemistry.


Green Vein Maeng Da (Green Maeng Da Kratom)

Green Vein Maeng da is the most “Zen-like” on the list. While most Maeng da strains will get you hyped up, this strain creates a pleasant energetic state of mind that encourages action rather than forcing it.

You feel proactive and your mind will become clearer. Ideal for social situations or increased productivity in the workplace (or at home if you’re hustling).


Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da Kratom

Ultra Enhanced Maeng da (UEMD) is the most potent energizing strain of Kratom. It packs quite a punch due to the rich mixture of alkaloids present.

Ultra Enhanced Maeng da provides nice stimulation and energy when taking low to moderate doses. It can be quite euphoric and sedating when taking a higher dose. This highly potent strain should not be taken by first-timers.


Maeng Da vs Bali: The Red Strain Showdown

There’s a bit of a confusion regarding which red strain to use. Both are effective in relieving pain, yet the two are quite different in other areas.

The main difference between Maeng da and Bali red kratom strains is the stimulating factor of Red Maeng da, which is why I also prefer it to instead of Red Bali.

I have experienced situations when I enjoyed Red Bali more, but that’s usually in the night when I needed something extra to go to sleep.

Another obvious difference is the opiate-like effects that Red Bali produces.

Red Maeng da also comes close in terms of euphoria and there are quite a lot of users on forums like Reddit or who seem to prefer Red Maeng da kratom.


Is Maeng Da Kratom the Best Strain?

Whether or not Maeng da kratom is the best strain is entirely up to your own preferences and reasons that you use this herb.

If it’s stimulation that you’re after, then it’s definitely worth trying (and using it instead of coffee due to its safety and other benefits).

If it’s stimulation coupled with pain relief that you’re after, again, you should really try it, especially if you want to quit relying on Big Pharma for pain relief.


Where can you buy Maeng Da Kratom from and which is the best Maeng Da vendor?



PurKratom is a reliable vendor that sells quality Kratom at affordable prices. You can buy Maeng da kratom safely and your order will arrive in about 2-3 weeks.

PurKratom features affordable Maeng da kratom for sale and is one of the best Maeng da vendors active in the kratom industry today.

They have a wide range of other Kratom products also and you can purchase Maeng da powder and Maeng da capsules. The capsules are just a bit more expensive than the powdered extracts.

Capsules allow you to control dosage without needing a scale.

Powdered extracts are great for making tea.

Both will pack a punch.

Check out other online Kratom vendors

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