September 25, 2018

Tianeptine Sulfate & Sodium Review and Where to Buy

How does tianeptine work? Although it has been in use for a few decades as an effective treatment for depression, a certain controversial fact will emerge […]
August 21, 2018
phenibut high

The Phenibut High – Myth, reality or something that you should be avoiding?

What does Phenibut do? Phenibut.. or the “Soviet Chill Pill” as it is called has been gaining widespread popularity in recent years. Indeed, it is an […]
August 18, 2018
Adrafinil review

Adrafinil Review: Modafinil vs Adrafinil (A Comprehensive Guide)

Summary Modafinil vs Adrafinil is just like pitting the chicken against the egg against each other. Both are regarded as “real life Limitless pills” due to […]
July 7, 2018
Modafinil High

Modafinil High: How does Modafinil make you feel?

Modafinil High: Reality, Exaggeration or Myth? Modafinil is a prescription drug which is commonly sold as Modalert. It was originally intended to treat sleep-related disorders such […]