The Strongest Kratom Strains for Energy, Sedation, Euphoria and more

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March 9, 2018
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The Strongest Kratom Strains for Energy, Sedation, Euphoria and more

Choosing between the different types of Kratom is a matter of preference as well as strain popularity.

This article aims to clarify the effects of the best Kratom strains available today so that you can make the best choice to fit your purposes.

Kratom is a truly unique herb and saying that it’s versatile is definitely no understatement.

There are few psychoactive herbs that vary so much in effects from strain to strain and we can be thankful that Kratom is legal in most places around the world.

Most Kratom strains relax both the mind and the body.

Some strains can be quite sedating and others are truly effective painkillers, being preferred by many as a substitute for pharmaceutical painkillers.

Kratom has so much more to offer, though.

Certain strains are being used for their stimulating properties, and even among these strains effects vary noticeably.

Of course, there are those might see the recreational value of Kratom.

Yes.. there are strains that pack quite a euphoric punch, so to speak.

Lots of people nowadays are using Kratom for euphoria and can’t get enough of it.


Choosing between the different types of Kratom

As stated above, not all strains are created equally.

People generally use Kratom to boost energy levels and mood, lower anxiety, to alleviate opiate withdrawal symptoms and to relieve chronic pain. Kratom can affect the body and mind in a plethora of ways.

Some strains are more potent than others, though, and you would do best to know what you’re taking.

You won’t get the desired results if you’re using the wrong, so it’s highly advisable that you inform yourself about every strain.


Most Energetic Strains (Best Kratom for Energy)

White Vein Kratom strains are the best choice if you’re looking for an energetic kick or an increase in productivity.

Typically lasting between 3 to 5 hours, White Vein strains are also good at fighting depression and low mood.

Maeng Da Kratom boosts energy and elevates mood. It’s regarded by many users as the best Kratom strain for energy, concentration and mood.

Thai strains are also great for their up-lifting and nootropic effects. Cycling use between White Vein Kratom and Maeng Da is a good idea to avoid tolerance build-up.


Most Sedating Strains (Best Kratom for Anxiety)

Red Bali is one of the most potent sedative strains of Kratom, although it can be somewhat stimulating if consumed in small doses.

It’s a mixture of strains from Sumatra and Borneo and is widely used for its calming effects.

Great for those with anger issues or problems falling asleep at night.

Indo Kratom strains may vary in effects, yet all are effective in relieving pain, calming the mind and easing opiate withdrawal symptoms.

Users say that Indo Kratom causes fewer side-effects than other strains, producing a cleaner effect.

Maeng Da Kratom is also good as a painkiller and goes well with Red Bali Kratom on a 1:3 ratio.

Maeng Da is quite ineffective at relieving anxiety, so avoid taking Maeng Da without another sedating Kratom strain.


Most Euphoric Kratom Strains (Best Kratom for Euphoria)

Maeng Da Kratom is also great for enhancing mood and generating a sense of well-being and euphoria.

This strain features a potent mix of mood-enhancing and stimulating effects.

Maeng Da is considered to be one of the most potent strains of Kratom.

Taking too much of it will lead to unpleasant side-effects similar to the ones experienced when drinking lots of coffee.

Green Malay is a highly potent strain, better known as “Super Green Malay” due to its strong effects.

Many people prefer this strain due to its long-lasting energetic and mood-boosting effects. Some have even replaced it with coffee and regularly use this train at work.

Red Borneo is the most relaxing and sedating strain of all Borneo strains. It can be a great potentiator when taken with Maeng Da or Green Malay.


Which is the strongest Kratom strain for each type of effect?

Some strains are better than others according to the desired effect.

Each strain has its own specific alkaloid profile, which is why Kratom strains vary so much in effects.

Still, there are some strains that are stronger than others from the same category.

Following a thoroughly conducted research, I’ve listed the strongest Kratom strain for every desired effect along with some facts and some tips:


Best Kratom for Energy

People from Southeast Asia have been using Kratom for centuries and have benefited from its stimulating properties.

A common misconception among beginner Kratom users is to think that energetic Kratom strains only produce stimulation.

In fact, dosage has a lot to do with stimulation and sedation. A low dose of Kratom can be stimulating, regardless of the strain type. Also, a high dose of Kratom will always be sedating.

The best Kratom for energy are Thai, Maeng Da and other White Vein Kratom strains.

Still, make sure you keep your doses low-to-moderate. You’ll also experience nootropic effects such as increased focus and mental clarity.

If you want to experience the best stimulating effects that Kratom has to offer, then you should go for Maeng Da Kratom.

Maeng Da is an all-round powerful strain and the best strain for energy and pain relief.

It’s important to know that increasing dosage will not lead to an increase in stimulation, but it will lead to enhanced pain relief.

Stick to a low dose between 1 and 3 grams to experience increased alertness, energy and concentration.


Best Kratom for Pain Relief

Those who suffer from chronic pain often find it difficult to manage it.

Opiates such as morphine, diamorphine or methadone are regarded by doctors all over the world as the most effective way to alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain.

Prolonged use will certainly lead to addiction and other unwanted side effects of synthetic medication.

Thus, people have been exploring alternative methods to alleviate pain and Kratom is a much healthier alternative.

Red Bali is the most popular analgesic Kratom strain due to its diverse range of alkaloids. Other strains such as Malay or Borneo are also effective at easing pain, but Red Bali is regarded as the most potent strain from this point of view. This strain is also great as a sleep aid.


Best Kratom for Anxiety and Sedation

Kratom is also used to treat anxiety, but you’ll have to be extra careful to pick the right strain.

Energetic strains can actually make the anxiety worse, so you’ll want to stay away from Thai, Maeng Da and White Vein strains.

The best Kratom for anxiety and sedation are Borneo, Bali, Indo and Red strains in general.

However, when it comes to choosing one out of the whole bunch, yet again, Red Bali steals the spot for the best relaxing Kratom strain.

People sometimes choose to stack it with other relaxing strains, partly because Bali Kratom tends to be short-lasting in its effects.

As far as dosage goes, to get the best effects for anxiety and sedation, it’s best that you start with a moderate dose and work your way up from there.


Best Kratom for Opiate High

Aside from being effective at relieving opiate withdrawal symptoms, Kratom also produces opiate-like effects like euphoria, sedation, relaxation and pinpoint pupils.

Kratom’s mechanism of action is similar to opiates, but also essentially different. Kratom doesn’t modify brain structure like opiates do.

The alkaloids found in Kratom affect the opioid receptors for a short period of time, letting the brain resume normal function after the effects have worn off.

Red Vein Kratom strains are generally sedating and potent. Mixing them with other strains will amplify the effects which will generate a feeling that is similar to the one on opiates.

Red Vein Thai could be the best Kratom for opiate high. It’s reported to have fewer side effects, thus being preferred for its “clean high.”


Best Kratom for Euphoria

Aside from the health benefits that make Kratom such a special plant, there is also the euphoria that so many Kratom users enjoy.

You should know that not all Kratom strains induce euphoria.

The best Kratom strains for euphoria are White Borneo, Green Malay and Maeng Da.

What makes the Green Malay strain the best Kratom for euphoria is its potent effects. Green Malay’s stimulating and mood-lifting effects are felt gradually within minutes and peak within 3 to 5 hours.

Green Malay is one of the strongest strains of Kratom in terms of effects and is also considered the best mood-enhancing Kratom.

Start with 2 grams per day and work your way up according to your setting and desired effect.


Which is the best Kratom strain?

Choosing the best Kratom strain is often more about ordering from the right vendor. Larger sites generally offer better quality and reliable delivery.

One such trustworthy vendor is PurKratom, but there are more such vendors to choose from.

Just be wary and make sure you look for reviews before ordering.

Also, choosing the best strain of Kratom is often a subjective matter.

That’s why many people choose to experiment with different strains before deciding to stick with one.

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