Best Kratom for Pain in 2020: Strains and Responsible Use

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Best Kratom for Pain in 2020: Strains and Responsible Use

Is Kratom a painkiller?

The answer is yes.

Many people are choosing Kratom for pain management in favor of traditional pharmaceutical medication.

The best Kratom for pain are strains that are rich in 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine are quite effective in relieving pain.

Kratom is quite a diverse plant, capable of generating a plethora of effects, ranging from stimulation, sedation, euphoria and pain relief.


How does Kratom work for pain relief?

Indeed, Kratom is gaining widespread popularity as an effective pain management herb, but what exactly is the mechanism that produces this pain-relieving effect?

The answer is simple. When a wound or a discomfort is experienced, the body sends signals to the brain, causing a series of neuronal responses, some of which being endorphins that aim to reduce pain.

The two alkaloids (and many others found in Kratom leaves) function in a similar way to endorphins that regulate pain. Once they reach the mu, delta and kappa opioid receptors in the brain, the perception of pain is lessened.


How to take Kratom for effective pain relief

Due to the solubility of the two alkaloids, it would be unwise to drink Kratom tea for pain relief.

The reason for this is that the two essential alkaloids wouldn’t get totally absorbed in the water and it wouldn’t be as effective.

Other methods of ingestion include swallowing capsules, drinking the leaf powder with yogurt or juice, and the famous ‘toss and wash’ method, which involves quickly swallowing the powder and washing it down with liquid.


Best Kratom for pain relief and anxiety

More and more people are turning to alternative medicine to avoid pharmaceutical pain relief medication which can be highly addictive and toxic to the body. Kratom can actually be healthy from some points of view, aside from being much less toxic due to the fact that it’s basically a plant.

The synergistic blends of alkaloids found in certain strains of Kratom are very effective at calming the body and mind.

Not all Kratom strains are created equally, though. Some strains and colors are better at increasing cognition. Others have a stimulating effect, and some that combine 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine are the best natural pain relief solutions in the world.

That’s why you should do your homework before choosing the best Kratom for pain relief.



Borneo Kratom is perfect for people who are suffering from chronic joint and muscle pain. Its alkaloid profile includes a large amount of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroximytragynine.

It’s one of the strongest strains and you should be careful regarding dosage, especially if you still plan on doing anything that day.

Too much Borneo Kratom can leave you feeling lethargic the whole day.



Bali strains are rich in 7-hydroxymitragynine, one of the essential alkaloids that binds to the μ-opioid receptor and lowers the perceived pain.

White Vein Bali is a popular choice for many who seek quick and side-effect free pain relief.

Red Bali Kratom is a hybrid mixture that grows faster than other strains, making it cheaper, but no less potent than other strains.

Red Bali Kratom is considered to be the most euphoric strain, and the best Kratom strain for opiate withdrawal.



Malaysian strains are efficient painkillers and not as sedating as Borneo, Bali or Indo.

Malaysian strains are a good option for those seeking pain relief throughout the day without feeling drowsy.


Maeng Da

Maeng Da Kratom is considered one of the “happier” strains of Kratom, due to its stimulating and euphoric properties.

Maeng Da Kratom allows users to experience the powerful pain-relieving properties of Kratom without experiencing the sedation that most other pain-relieving strains tend to produce.

It’s still a great painkiller and quite efficient in managing pain from osteoarthritis, chronic backache or cancer. It also helps people cope with serious illnesses or depression.


Which one is the best Kratom strain for pain relief and anxiety?

While some Kratom strains are better than others when it comes to relieving pain, not everyone reacts the same.

Everyone has a different brain chemistry and nobody can say for sure which Kratom strain is best for pain.

The four choices above are a good starting point. In fact, alternating strains will make it harder to build tolerance.


Which Kratom is best for pain and sleep?

Red Bali Kratom and Red Sumatra Kratom are great sleep aids with excellent strains due to their analgesic, anxiolytic and sedative properties. Red Borneo Kratom is more of an anti-depressant, also widely used to improve sleep quality.

Again, if you’re looking to treat sleep-related disorders, alternating strains daily is the best way to use Kratom.

This way, you avoid tolerance build-up and get to see which strain suits you the best.


Kratom dosage for pain relief

Kratom is generally available in raw powder form, capsules and resin/extracts.

By far the easiest way to take Kratom is via capsules, though mixing the raw powder or extract with grapefruit juice or other sweet beverages is quite popular.

You can also down the Kratom using the toss-and-wash method with whatever drinks you want (as long as they’re non-alcoholic).

You’ll need a scale to correctly measure the best Kratom dose for pain relief.

Taking too little won’t yield the desired results and may produce an energetic experience.

That’s the case if you take stimulating strains such as Maeng Da Kratom which also produce pain-relieving effects.

The ideal Kratom dosage for pain relief is around 7 – 9 grams. You should start with 7 grams and redose when the effects have worn off.

A good way to avoid tolerance build-up is to potentiate Kratom with other substances such as magnesium, phenibut or agmatine sulfate.


Best places to buy Kratom

Kratom is considered by many to be somewhat of a “miracle plant”. It’s quite intriguing that one herb can offer so much to the world.

Kratom isn’t only used for pain relief. Some strains are also quite energetic and are being used to heighten cognitive performance and treat depression and ADHD.

There are many online vendors that sell Kratom and while some may offer better bargains than others, the true issues are: the quality of the product, the time it takes to arrive, and the guarantee that the vendor assumes responsibility in case of an unfortunate event.

We’ve decided to provide you with the best places to order Kratom online according to our authors’ own experiences, reviews spread across the web and customer support quality.

PurKratom offers high-quality Maeng Da & Bali Kratom at low prices.

For those who prefer effortless ingestion, Kratom Capsules should be on your list of vendors to check out.


Do you have any experience with using Kratom for pain? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Donna says:

    I was really looking for something similar for my uncle. He has been on medication since many years; now I want him to try natural alternatives and I believe Kratom is the answer. Hopefully Borneo will prove relief for him from joints pain.

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